oldstyle weekend sihlbrugg

A gravel pit, cool cars, like minded people and some great bands: This is what the Oldstyle Weekend is all about. And this is all we need to have a great party. And boy what a party it was, with more participants than ever before, sunshine, almost no rain and even a delicious breakfast on sunday morning. One of my favourites was the "racing" action. Hopefully there're gonna be more racers next year. Click here for some pics I took or enjoy the slideshow.

First contestants were the Solèr bros in their 1927 roadster.

Yeah baby!

Dry lakes racing reloaded.

Bierli Trinkä is not a crime.

Nice El Camino.


  1. Geniale Bilder, wie immer :-) Wäre gern dabei gewesen... schaut aus, wie das bedrock der Schweiz :-)

  2. na wenn DU das sagst :-) bedrock ist ja fast deine 2. Heimat... und danke für die Blumen! :-)

  3. Hey Marc, nice to see you again. Great pics on the slideshow, especially that pinstriped 65 Buick! See you guys again in a couple of weeks.

  4. Glad you liked the pics! By the way, what about the giant fireworks you planned to do on saturday night? Didn't see or hear anything. :-) See you soon, mate.

  5. great pictures Marc..... but why is everyone driving around the track with a big bamboo pole??

  6. hehe thanks sondre :-) the race consisted of three checkpoints. at each checkpoint, there was a bucket full of potatoes. and each co-driver had to take one of the potatoes with the bamboo pole and take it to the next checkpoint. funny swiss games, huh? :-))

  7. hahaha...

    hey sondre, remember: swiss people are nutty as a fruitcake :-P

  8. Sondre kvipt8/13/2008 2:01 AM

    hehe apparently.... but they do make good watches at least :)

  9. Hillbillywill8/24/2008 1:36 PM

    Apologies for the lack of fireworks - I was drunk.

    Beer and pyrotechnics are not a good combination!