got his kicks on route 66

If you're into old iron, you certainly dig that touch of magic and mistery that surrounds abandoned car wrecks. As Switzerland is a crowded little place on earth, everybody tries to avoid any kind of littering. Thus, there hardly aren't any old cars rotting away next to a small backroad or anywhere in the nature. Maybe that's why I just love those photos of giant junkyards boasting with piles of rusty metal. And I love even more the pics of abandoned hot rods or kustoms. Just like I prefer them over stockers, their bones seem to tell the more interesting stories. Their modifications give a hint to their past, to what their previous owners were up to. For example, when I see a gasser influenced car like this '56 Chevy, I'm starting to think of the street races he may have won, about the engines he had installed. Just the kind of stories that would make for a cool road movie along the lines of Two-Lane Blacktop. Pics from wheelerdealer.

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  1. you reminded me of one I found http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2008/05/55-chevrolet-hasnt-moved-in-so-long-its.html